Blaxton Parish Council
Blaxton Parish Council

How is the Council funded and what does it spend on?

The Parish Council is a 'local authority', similar to the District, Metropolitan and County Councils.  Where it differs is that it has very limited powers by comparison with the principal (District, Metropolitan and County) councils.  See the Local Council Powers page.


Blaxton residents fund the Parish Council through their Council Tax.  The Parish Council decides what it would like to achieve each year and asks Doncaster MBC to collect the money to fund the Parish Council's plans.  When the Parish Council tells DMBC how much money should be collected it is called issuing the 'Precept'.  This is a power which the Parish Council has - to require DMBC to collect money to fund Parish Council activities.


To manage its funds the Parish Council has to set a Budget, authorise all payments, and monitor income and expenditure thoughout the Financial Year which runs from 1st April to 31st March.


At each meeting income and expenditure is monitored and payments are authorised.  The draft Budget for the next Financial Year is usually considered at the November meeting and then reviewed at the January meeting before the Precept is set.  After the January meeting DMBC is notified how much needs to be collected on behalf of the Parish council - the Precept.



Approved Budget 2015-16.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [45.2 KB]


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